Hämeen Nettisivut and Hämeen Kielipalvelut have now been incorporated into Crafty Coding Ltd. (y-tunnus: 2775604-3) and will close as a sole trader in Finland on the 8.8.2016. I will continue to serve customers worldwide in both English and Finnish.

Suomenkielinen tuki:
puh. 03 7411 8555
GSM: 0503139531

.FI domain reseller.

During the six years in Finland my employees and I managed to design and develop some really awesome things as well as keep a few people employed. Unfortunately it just wasn’t taking off the way I had hoped and it was too expensive to keep chugging on like The Little Engine That Could. I’m glad for all the friends, customers and acquaintances that I made during my time as an yrittäjä and I hope this transition will be as smooth as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at lisa@craftycoding.co.uk if you have any questions about this change.

If you’re a hosting customer and would like to continue using my services (hosting, domains, email services etc. will all be exactly the same) then you don’t need to do anything. Billing information will be updated by the next time your hosting bill comes through. Also coding work will continue as before.

If you’re a hosting customer and would like to move to a Finnish company then I recommend contacting a hosting and web development company such as Opiferum to have your site moved to their servers. Please note that moving your site to another host may incur costs so I’d recommend waiting until your hosting with me has expired and then move your site elsewhere. Let me know if you’d like more information about this or would like to know what date your hosting expires.

Thank you for your custom and I hope you’ll keep me in mind for any future projects you might have.

Lisa-Marie Karvonen