e-Commerce – Sell while you sleep

If your company sells products, whether they are digital or physical, an e-commerce solution might be the right tool for you to find a new source of customers to improve your sales.

Our e-commerce solutions are:

  • Designed to be modern and easy to use.
  • Completely integrated with most international payment solutions.
  • Easy to translate and duplicate so if you’re looking to internationalize, our solutions scale to different languages and currencies.
  • Flexible and can be adapted to suit individual needs. We can also integrate third party services for watermarking, stock control, ERP, CRM etc.

Case study: eLibris Media Oy


We were contacted by eLibris Media Ltd, because they wanted to improve the sales on their online eBook shop. The previous site was not mobile friendly which meant missing out on a lot of orders coming in on mobile devices such as tablets and Kindles. We created a plan to renew the entire platform, including previous third-party integrations. After the new site was published, we developed and realized a marketing strategy including social media updates, content marketing and Adwords advertising. Visit the site (in Finnish) ยป