How well does your marketing work for you?

There are many elements and metrics to digital marketing, but the main question to ask yourself is whether your current strategy is bringing in enough customers. No matter how many Facebook fans your page has, it doesn’t mean a thing unless you can convert those fans into paying customers.

We work with you and develop a marketing strategy that gets your product or service in front of people who are actually interested in them. It’s easy to waste money on promoting and advertising that get lots of traffic but fails in the ultimate goal of getting new customers.

With our digital marketing services we improve your branding and help you establish and maintain a professional social media and online presence.

Our digital marketing services include:

  • A free consultation that includes analysis of the current methods used, how well they’re working and how it could be improved for better results.
  • Tools and design for content and email marketing.
  • We can help you create a content marketing strategy and create content that your future customers will love.
  • We can help with using paid advertising such as Facebook campaigns, Adwords and LinkedIn advertising.

Case study: Domus Classica Inc.


Domus Classica Inc. contacted us because they wanted to improve their digital marketing. We developed a strategy that included website optimization, email marketing, search engine optimization, search word analysis and paid advertising for their online Finnish store. We are also involved in helping them develop and create marketing for their new international store.

What the customer said:

The marketing gurus at Crafty Coding Ltd. analysed our situation and based on that developed a fantastic marketing strategy. It’s a good and relaxing feeling to have Crafty Coding with us during these changes to our company. I highly recommend them.” – Kimmo Kuurma, Domus Classica Inc.